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Events of Jazz-Club Trier e.V.

Bar Jazz
Bar Jazz Location and Date/Time: Several venues, at the moment:
We define ‘Bar Jazz’ as Jazz music which is performed in the background and which still enables talks of the guests to each other. — Bar Jazz events are not concerts!
Jazz-Club Trier supports Bar Jazz mainly for two reasons (with a lot of organisational work, and money, btw.):
• We believe that Bar Jazz and a local restaurant or bar complement each other.
• These events are a good opportunity for local or regional bands to perform in front of a real audience but still in a relatively safe environment.
The vast majority of our Bar Jazz events is admission-free.
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# 01FRI 13.12.2019
19:30 h
Bar-Jazz JaW (Jacques’ Weindepot – Shop | D-54295 Trier, Gartenfeldstraße 6–10 | Show address in Google Maps):
BAND: »Porta Jazz Trio« More information about the event
Organiser: Jazz-Club Trier e.V. & Jaques’ Weindepot · Entrance Fee: frei € (*)

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